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Sunday, March 7, 2010

.day 61: Still two more months of preparation. Tomorrow at the latest I’ll start working on a great work In which my century will appear as it really was.

it's 61 days more to go before im officially HIS ... :) and for that, i am happy to say that i am now 90% ready for my big day ... yeay ~! so lets list down what ive done so far for both my solemnization dan reception ceremony ...

Solemnization prep:

1. Nikah dress (Salikin Sidek) : first fitting done [sangat cantik & classy .. love it !] ... now waiting for beadings and laces patching to be done ... around next week insyaAllah siap & boleh amik .. thanks Kak Dilla ... :)
2. Hijab & veil : Bought plain white hijab from Arianni .. beading and laces patches done by yours truly ... :) will be renting a white with silver beadings veil from somewhere tho .. :)
3. Make-up : booked and will be having the same make-up artist ill be having during reception .. yerp, indonesian make-up artist from Rumah Kebaya ... ye ke ?? 
4. inai : belum survey ag ... but will be asking around and have a peak at the jalan TAR for any Inai painting services ...
5. Pelamin : a simple pelamin will do ... backdrop will be courtesy from the in-laws family, the simple wooden chair courtesy from my own family ... will be renting two silver decorations a'la bunga pahar with lantern and pomander balls ... :)
6. Photographer : booked ! the same photographer will be photographed my reception the day after ... thanks MyPhotographer aka AhmadFairus
7. Videographer : hurmmm ... perhaps my bro-in-law or uncle will do the video thingey .. :P
8. Hantaran : all things oredy bought for the eleven hantaran accept for the sirih lah kan ? hantaran cake oredy booked at A Taste Boutique ... a pastry basket will be sponsored by my aunt ... yippie ! plus, i need to buy some exclusive chocs for hantaran too ... owh, and the hantaran decorations thingey will be done by yours truly ... all i need is to do the fresh flowers bookings ... :)
9. Hand bouquet : i chose to have calla lily for my hand bouquet ... yeah, ill be doing it on my own ... :)
10. Canopy : oredy booked ... same with what i had for my booking-day but with different theme colour .. thanks Mr Fiance ~   
11. Catering : oredy booked ~ we will be having Langat Catering as our caterer ... yeay ! 
12. Bantal Nikah : tempah & sudah siap .. dah amik da pun .. yerp, i custom made my own bantal nikah ... :)
13. Tempat nikah & juru nikah: InsyaAllah next week or the week after, akan mengadakan sesi berjumpa Tok Kadi ... :)
Reception Prep:

1. Bridal dress + make-up : first fitting was great and i just cant wait for the big-day ! yippeee ... thanks RUMAH KEBAYA MALAYSIA .. thanks Tinur ... 
2. Pelamin : oredy booked but need to do final meeting with the designer ... in April perhaps ?? :)
3. Traditional dance show : oredy booked and will be contacting the team in April for some final confrimation ... yeah, they will be coming all the way Muar Johor people !! :)
4. Guest favors : oredy booked ... need to send extra items for them to pack together with their items for favors ... :) surprise surprise ! 
5. VIP favors : bought all 80 VIP's boxes favors ... and all i need is to buy more exclusive chocolates to put in it ... :)
6. Kiddies favors : oredy bought the organza small bags ... now i hafta think what should i put in it ... kids, waddaya guys want eyh ?? :)
7. VVIP favors : same as VIP but different boxes ... bigger and ag cantik la harusnye ... again, need to buy exclusive chocs to put in it ..
8. The Hall + catering : oredy booked ... and all i need is to have final meeting with them ... food tasting, hall arrangements, catering menu etc .. owh, didnt i told u guys they will give me a thirtier wedding cake as complimentary ?? heheehh ... that, i have to discuss too .. :)
9. Bunga Pahar : custom made crystals bunga pahar are oredy done ... :) need to ask somebody to do egg boiling process je ... heee~
10. Emcees : their speech are oredy done by yours truly ... just waiting for the big day to come ! and yeah, for them to show their talent ~ hiks !
11. Flower gurls/boys : still thinking about it tho ... how many of them and what will they carry during walk-the-isle moment ... i am thinking about rose petals in basket for the gurls and bubble-gun for the boys ... ok tak eyh ? mcm cute je kan ?? :) 

well yeah, that's pretty much for what ive done and yet to be done for me wedding ... anything left out from the list ??? hurmmm ... i guess not ... 

OMG !! two months to go yawwww ~ 

p/s:  my wedding invitation cards are ready to be distribute now ... blogger brides/blogger grooms/gurls/boys out there, please do email me your add if u wish to come and join me at my reception this 8th May 2010 ... will be starting distribute my invi by the end of March insyaAllah .... :) beeluvfee@yahoo.co.uk 
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