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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

.I may not be Tom Cruise But I've got a pair of pretty shoes And I aint giving them back to you! No I aint giving them back to you!.

owh looky looky what i found while browsing the net ... gorgeous sangat ~!!! kan ??? owh how i wish i have these pair for my wedding shoe BUT hey, i oredy have a pair .. [kasut aku lagi gorjes lah ! cheyyy .. pujuk diri sendiri utk tidak membeli kasut lagi ... :P] tapi kasut ni akan sangat gorgeous especially for brides who'll be wearing a wedding gown on their wedding day ... sure nampak sweet je ... aite ?

look at the details .... owh my, the swarovski crystals studded ribbon design is so stunning ... !
bila dia sepasang, bertambah cantik kan ?
owh my ... there're more colurs to choose !! 
i love the pearl-white and the greyish ones ... sangat elegant !
owh, i found these shoe HERE- MadAboutShoes !
check it out brides ~
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Squarecut Ring said...


OMG...kasut tu sgt gorjes...*drooling*

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hello !

yerp, sangat gorjes ... if only i could have 'em for my wedding ... huhuh ~


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