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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.She is a princess in her gown, he is a prince in his handsome tux, A picture come to life. She and he brings such joy in helping us Become a man and wife.

ever wonder how sweet your wedding reception would be with bubbles flying all over the hall ?? ever think how cute it is to see all the flower girls and boys blowing bubbles while walking down the isle infront of you ? ever imagine how unique it would be to have such flower gurls and bubble boys ? yes, ive been thinking about it lately, of having a flower gurls and bubble boys for my reception .. hurmmm... would mom allows it ??.. duhhh ... its my weding and its my decision what to do and what to have kan ? boleh ? eheheh ... well, wait and see lah how it goes ... *wish*

look at that buble boy ~ 
comey kan ?? :)
pretty bubble gurl .. but i prefer gurls carrying a basket of petals and let the boys do the bubble blowing ... kan ??
owh no no no ... i am not talking about that humongous bubble for my reception ... :P
arent they too old for bubbles ?? hurmmmm ~
bubbles away ~
and the latest wedding reception with bubbles was Amy & Atim's wedding last February at the Kampung Pengantin ... aaawwww .. sweet sgt kan ?? )
now where can i get these ?? yearp, the bubble maker ... 
[eh, betul ke org panggil bubble maker eyh ??]  
any ideas guys ?? sweet ~
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.:ANN512:. said...

ala u..banyak jual bubble gun ni..hehe..kat area BB pon ramai orang jual kat tepi2 jalan..

ada byk jenis. yg mcm zaman2 kita kecik dulu tu, yg mcm buih sabun tu tak byk la bubble dia..tapi comell kann budak2 tipu..hehe

last week i ada nampak kat car boot sales kat sec 13 SA.silalah beli :)

amfeaz said...

salam dear :)

i really x perasan yg u ada leave a comment on my blog, sorry :(

anyway, about the fabric cuppies yg u asked before, yup...u can have that price. plz leave me your details at my contact number/email to ernie_azita@hotmail.com, k.

then, we shall discuss further, k :)


SaSsYAnGeL said...

thanks ANN... yerp, i dah beli dah .. i beli kat Jonker Melaka ... tapi i beli yg mcm zaman kita kecik kecik tuh ,,, satu singgit je ... murah .. but after pikir byk kali, i rasa i nk beli yg gun tu la ... senang skit utk budak buat bubble kan ??? thanks ~

Salam sweety ~
its okeyh ... if ada any occassion lagi, i contact u okeyh ... so sorry sebab i dah beli something else ... :) jangan marah eyh ~ take care ...


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