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Friday, March 5, 2010

.Think of love as a card game: first, get rid of the jokers, throw away the hearts, keep the diamonds... then try to get a king.

was having a double date with cuzzies the other day and we've picked their place [Sri Maya Jelatek] for our rendezvous .. and suddenly i just remembered this entry from this blog ... yes, cute kan ?? eventho i oredy bought all my wedding favors, still, i wanna check 'em out ... seems we're just around the corner, why not kan ?? :) and i saw this !!! wahhhhh ... banyak lagi ~
the price shown RM1.50 per piece ... but i got it wayyyy cheaper .. hiks ! :P
so many colours and designs to choose from ... pink with english roses, baby blue with herbs, red with cute bears ...  ahhhhh .. sgt2x comel !
these are so cute ~ sangat sesuai for baby shower or majlis bercukur favors ... kan ??
see, Mr Fiance pun busy memilih ... he's such an adorable fiance lah ... dia pulak mcm excited pilih2x all those cute lil' tin-boxes ... laf u to bits ! :) 
[thanks Beebee~ *hugs*]
apparently these cute lil' tin-box are from Thailand .. no wonder murah kan ?? and owh, as what i remembered, ive seen them before ... but with cookies inside .. maybe sebab cookies tuh dah expired, they just sell the tin-box instead kan ?? cool gak ~ :)
me busy menyusun all the tin-box in my basket ... :) 
[tengah kusyuk memilih ... didnt noticed i was being photographed ~ :P]
so yeah, i bought 100 tin boxes that day ... weehooo ~!!
[or maybe akan kembali for more ??]
well, not for my wedding favors actually ... 
maybe for my coming house warming perhaps ??? :)
[they're so cute and i just cant resist not to purchase 'em ...

owh, for those who wanna purchase 'em, just go check 'em out at their shop, between the Sri Maya Apartments & Kg Warisan Apartments... or maybe the one situated opposite Setiawangsa Putra LRT station. owh, check out their web blog too ... u can have them for ur wedding favors ... perhaps letak tasbih, three hershey's kisses chocs, small wedding cookies, pot-poury, farerro rochers chocs or anything as long as it is cute and fit in the tin-box ...
comey kan?
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Cik Belle said...

wow, they are so cuteeee!! u borong semua ke? hehe. suke yang pink tu!

SaSsYAnGeL said...

cute kan ?? uishhh .. tak la i memborong sumer .. nak buat apa la pulak byk2x tin-boxes ni .. i beli 100 pieces je dulu .. maybe utk guest yg dtg my house warming ke nanti after kawin ... eheheh .. sbb utk kawin, sumer dh beli .. cantik kan yg pink tuh ! i pun suka ... ~

missCHOKODOX said...

kat ne nak beli???geramnyeeeeee...btw..link i eh..

SaSsYAnGeL said...

kat sebelah Sri Maya Jelatek .. kat situ kedai dia ... Poetry of Flowers ... kedai dia betul betul sebelah kedai bakery ... go and checkitdout beb ... :) thanks ~


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