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Thursday, March 11, 2010

.You look at me and smile, A smile full of warmth and understanding, My worries melt away, I know tomorrow is ours to behold, And just like yesterday and today, We will fill it with our love.

Alhamdulillah .. my first fitting for his reception's bridal kebaya was breathless .. well, not because im holding my breath just to fit into my own kebaya BUT i was breathless to see how beautiful my kebaya  was .. just as i expected and hoped for ... yes, my Gold-Dusty pink kebaya was gorgeous ... !! it was actually inspired by THIS, but, after few consultations from our talented tailor, we opt to do slightly changes a bit ... :) so viola ! i love my kebaya ... :) dont you ? *wink* it comes with a matching veil too ~ (",)

thanks to Kak Dilla [Salikin Sidek] for patiently melayan karenah i and yeah, she tailored made my baju nikah too !! and the outcome is awesomeness !! [after nikah, ill post-up the pixies yah :P] still got lotsa patching and beadings to do, thats why i xnak reveal lagi baju nikah ... insyaAllah by next week, my baju nikah & kebaya for his reception will be ready ~ yeayyyy ~  
thanks again Kak Dilla for the hospitality and for the great tailoring experts u have ... 
i love 'em all !! 

p/s: nnt baju raya saya hantar kat akak jugak yer ... hihihih :P

pp/s: for those who tot Salikin Sidek is only for those whom will be wearing Songket only, u're wrong ... all u need is to go to their workshop and u can tailor made ur own wedding dress ... from chiffon to satins, from laces to french laces .. anything ... i love mine , im sure ull love urs too ... :)

Salikin Sidek
SALI's Fashion & Tailoring

Unit 9 & 10, Level 2, No. 111
Plaza RAH
Jalan Raja Abdullah
Kuala Lumpur

A Perfect Dress Makes A Happy Bride ~!
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sophisticated bridezilla said...

weee u buat ngan uncle salikin ek? exactly babe, uncle salikin tak buat songket je, he's into everything.
my e-day outfit from uncle salikin. i heart him so much.
eh, 3 weeks lagi ek? CONGRATS babe. i baru jumpe blog u. thanks for dropping by my blog ek :)

SaSsYAnGeL said...

yup yup yup ... my cousin is his regular customer but slalu deal dgn Kak Dilla je ... :) Salikin's tailors arent bad at all ... their tailoring skills are superb ..baju baju derang buat can make u even more slimmer .. tak kisah lah gedebab mcm mana pun kan ?? tu i suka ... pandai amik cutting ... yerp .. 3 weeks je lagi ni ... cuak .. gelabah gaban dah ni .... Thanks sweety ~ hey, ure most welcome to come ok ... ajak la kawan2x blogger brides skali ... :) i tak kenal lagi orang ni ...

hope ure doing great with ur prep tho ~ gud lak sis !

FAR said...

hi sassy! hehe shahida rite? i stumble upon ur blog fr zaifie's and i must, i love ur dress!! its exactly the color that i have been looking for. And the tailoring pun very nice. Pandai die tampal2 lace dekat kain supaya tak nampak penuh sangat. Boleh tak i tanye, how much kak dilla amik upah? If you dun mind? :) this is my email aqieya@yahoo.com

adda_shariff said...

hai sassy. nice blog u have here..i'm looking for dressmaker actually, if u dont mind, could u be an angel n drop me an email for salikin's rate of wedding dresses? thanks dear.

its addashariff@gmail.com

SaSsYAnGeL said...

FAR: hye Far ... which baju are u referring to actually ?? my engagement's baju is it ?? hurmmm ... if im not mistaken, the price for that baju itself (the tailoring je) was rm500 coz i tempah dua baju that time ... both baju total rm1k ... kak dilla is a very talented tailor and i love her workmanship ... very very neat and teliti ... plus, sangat tahu mcm mana nk nampakkan cutting badan yg cantik ... apapun , its better for u to meet her and ask for the price urself ... :) thanks deary ~

adda: am not sure what is the exact rates for salikin ... but i think dresses with beadings would cost you more than 5oo lah ... and baju-baju biasa, if im not mistaken, maybe 250 ... depends lah ada lining or not ... am not so sure but usually i tempah more than one and they just give me lump-sum price which is for me, cheap lah compared to other designers ... :) thanks ...


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