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Sunday, April 25, 2010

.I want to do some spring cleaning but some how procrastination always finds me when will I clean out my closet?.

i know this is one un-related entry but i just cant help it to put it in my blog jugak ... while browsing through friends FB photos, i found this pixies .... OMG !! sangat cute kan ?? semua baju baby tergantung in baby's own walk-in wardrobe ... walk-in wardrobe ke tuh ?? well, boleh la walopon sempit je ... :P tapi kesimpulannyer, all baby's clothes bergantung tu mmg cute ...
eventho i am getting marry and the fact that i am not yet married, wont stop me from thinking about babies lah ... and yes, ive been thinking long ago on how would my baby's room will look like ... since now i oredy knew where ill be staying after married, it would be easier for me to imagine ... most typical mommies would just fold the baby's clothes and stack it in a plastic box or rattan box ... but me, i prefer having a proper wardrobe for me baby(ies) ... and a walk-in small wardrobe would be prefect ... kan ?? nk cari baju kenit-kenit pun senang ... all booties and mittens in one place, all napkins in one drawer, all rompers-tops-pants-jumpers hanging organize-ly, pampers are stack in one corner, toys are placed in one corner etc ... yes, everything is organize and easy to find ... 

and what jigs me more is having a mini library or shall i say a shelves full of books for the kids ... it is not wrong for u to have the library earlier lah ... even when ur baby is not born yet pun, u can start buying books for him/her ... kan ?? bak kata pepatah, melentur buluh biarlah dari rebung nya ... kan ??  love it ! dontcha Mr F ?? :)
this one is nice too ... i bet IKEA can do this for me kan ??

pink for our princess ...

blue for our prince ...

Mr F, can this be a wish come true ??
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