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Friday, April 9, 2010

.Marriage is like a pair of shears Oft times working in opposite directions, but punishing anyone that comes between them ~ Sydney Smith.

a search for Mr F's accessories is done ! yeay ~ punyer lah susah nk cari warna ni ... its a dusty purple-pink colour sampin songket & tengkolok ... yeah, to match my baju kebaya la kan ... :) a boutique we went earlier gave us purplish colour ... one light purple, one dark purple ... it wasnt a perfect match at all !! it was close but it still doesnt look right ... we were too tired and almost gave up searching that time since the girl said our colour adalah warna yg sangat susah ... gosh, luckily we didnt booked 'em yet and still have some hope to search for other boutique ... last boutique we went was my mom's friend's boutique ... once i lay my eyes on the songket & tengkolok, i liked it ! the colour was awesomely cantik !! Mr F oso loved it and yes, it was a perfect match !! so yeah ... all accessories for both bride and groom finally booked !!! [for his reception :)]

For groom:
- tengkolok + huge brooch
- samping + bengkung
- fake keris
- rantai 

For Bride:
- three matching huge brooch
- rantai 
- tiara

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elyina said...

mind to share the boutique?
tengah cari accessories juge nih..huhuhu..

Anonymous said...

dkat mane u tempah ur kebaya. i wanted purple too tapi xde idea where to get. susah nak dapat kebaya purple like u. hopefully u can give some idea.thanks dear. anyway, cantik gojes baju u

SaSsYAnGeL said...

Elyina : hello ... yeah, sure ... sorry for the late reply tho ~ the first boutique that i went was a lil' expensive compared to the ones i went last ... the first one was nice, big boutique ... but they dun have the exact sampin colour matches my kebaya .. and they kept recommend sampin yg tak match and yg dah lunyai ... means, sampin tuh dh tak elok ... i was kindda pissed off a lil' BUT i love the tiara and necklace they have ... so, i just go for the tiara and the necklace ... the last boutique was one small boutique ... to my surprise, they have more to offer than the first boutique .. sampin pun mmg derang jaga elok and they have various colours that matches ... so, i sewa the rest of both accessories here ... the first boutique was:
Azue Bridal- no 1B Tingkat 3, Jalan 6/7B, BBBangi (0122156167 - Azue)
the second one was:
Zee Eka - no 161 A, Jalan 8/1, Seksyen 8. BBBangi (0136159502 - Eka)
hope this info helps tho ~ gud luck ! :)

Anonym: hey there ... i tempah kebaya i kat Salikin SIdek ... BUT the thick embroidered lace itself, together with the linings and net for veil, i beli sendiri kat Maya Silk house ... yerp, susah nk dpt warna macam ni, especially if kita nk sewa ... better g survey kain lace sendiri and tempah ... to my surprise, tempah is a lot more cheaper than to sewa from a wedding boutique ... what colour do u want for ur big day ?? if nak sewa, i find it difficult nk dpt size yg ngam ngan body kita ... plus, baju yg kita sewa tu pun dh tak elok sebab dh byk kali org lain pakai kan ??? my advice, better for u to buy ur own lace with ur own theme colour, and tempah je ... tempah ikut citarasa u ... u dun need a famous fashion designers to tailored made ur baju ... any tailor yg boleh jahit dgn elok will do ... janji u selesa pakai and cantik ... :) gud luck deary ~


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