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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

.The race to the table to secure a seat at the buffet The enjoyment as the food passes down the throat With a nice cold drink to was it down with How quickly everyone disappears at the sight of empty dirty dishes.

on the 12th April, we [the whole family together with Mr F of course] went for a food testing at the hall where my reception will be held ... the serving was for 10 pax but since it was at 3pm, my friends couldnt made it due to office hours ...  the menu that we requested was :

Nasi Beriyani
Roasted Chicken with sauce
Buttered Prawn
Daging Masak Hitam 
Acar Rampai 

Air Mata Kucing 
Fresh Sliced Fruits 
Fruit Pudding

Alhamdulillah everything was nice ... i love the roasted chicken and buttered prawns ... OMG !!! i think i finished-up the buttered prawns almost by myself kot ... eheheh ... sgt sgt sgt sedap .... the roasted chicken was oh-so-tender ... juicy sangat ... perfectly done with the sweet-sour sauce ... :) owh, dad and my BIL love the daging masak hitam so much that they rated the daging masak hitam as VERY GOOD +++++ in the survey form ... wah ! :)

the air mata kucing was a lil' sweet but when to think of it, i think its ok ... coz some people may like it sweet and for those whom like it a lil' less sweet, they can add-up mineral water kan ? so, better leave it sweet lah ... as for dessert, the fruit pudding was a lil' "keras" and not as tasty as it look like .. so we recommend the catering to make it a lil' "lembik" and cold la kan ... sedap tekak skit nk telan pudding tuh ... hiks ! but yah, overall was really really good ... kesimpulannyer, puas hati lah dengan catering recommended by the hall management ... harga ??? hurmmm ... mengikut package and citarasa korang ... :P

thanks to dad [for paying everything .. :P], mum for giving such a good ideas on the menu, Mr F for coming and for supporting me all the way, sis, bro and lil' Izz for coming .... yeay ... glad everybody was happy ....

Encik Azhar, thanks ! 

and definitely thanks to KAZEMA CATERING for the effin' delicious food !
nicely done guys ~

55-1, Jalan Equine 9,
Taman Equine,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 8945 4861
Fax: +603 8948 1524
Rezmie: 013 383 0098
Rezmai: 013 340 5051


p/s: saper nak rasa masakan KAZEMA Catering ni, jemputla datang to my reception yah ! insyaAllah dijamin sedap ~ *hiks*
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