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Saturday, April 10, 2010

.When the heart is crowded, it has most room; when empty, it can find place.

the first time i laid my eyes on this bed, i fell in love immediately ... my heart's kept on whispering to me that i must have this bed for me wedding + me home ... yes, and my wish did came true ... *smile* this huge-comfy-gorgeous-cushy white bed is finally mine ... thanks to Mr F for agreeing on me purchasing this bed for US ...
for now, this bed will be at me parents house just for the wedding, and after it will be sent to our own house after the wedding ... my room [at parent's house] is a lil' tad small for this kindda bed frame ... so yeah, my room is kindda stuffy with all the furniture stuffed-in at the mo ... but after this bed sent to our own house in May [after the wedding], it will be replaced with another new wooden bed ... smaller frame with less space needed lah ~

what's with the gorgeous bed frame without the comfy mattress right ??? so, yeah, we bought the six star SWEETDREAM dual spring system mattress that cost us more than the bed frame itself ... crazy i know but we're not that crazy la tapinyer ... the furniture showroom gave us awesome discount that made the price into half ... [sankyu ~!] *suka* and Mr F straight away agreed on buying the mattress ... 
my room [at parent's house]  at the mo ... a bit stuffy i know ...  

but this will only be until after the wed lah ... just cant wait for the bed to be sent at our own house ! owh my, cant wait to decorate our own big room ~ 

maybe like this ??? 
 or as simply like this ??
cozy nyerrrrrr ~ 

owh owh owh .... id definitely gonna buy this !
sweet isnt it ? 
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Hello. Kat mane ye ade jual kerusi putih yang sweet tu?


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