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Friday, June 4, 2010

.Mehndi Lagake Rakhna, Doli Sajake Rakhna Lene Tujhe O Gori, Aayenge Tere Sajna

most brides (malays and indians especially), loves to draw henna / mehndi on their hands, showing that they're getting marry ... and yeah, this is also (from what ive heard) to show how happy they are on the coming event of their lifetime ... owh owh owh ... some people oso said that the shades/colors of mehndi drawn onto the bride's hand actually gives different meaning, about the bride herself ...hurmmm... entah ... wallahuA'lam ... 

so yeah, two days before my solemnization, i went to Jalan Masjid India [with Mr Hubby] for my mehndi/henna drawing session ... at first, i tot of going for henna drawing with Mrs Begum, an indian lady sitting at the corner of the shop lots along Jalan Masjid India ... since she wasnt there when i arrived, i chose kak Ida (an indonesian lady sitting just 300m away from where Mrs Begum should be sitting, with her lil' daughter) to draw my wedding henna .... i had doubt at first, but when i saw her expertly do the henna drawing, i began to realize that she wasnt tad bad at all ... seriously ! laju giler dia lukis ... and yeah, comot-less !!! wow .... Kak Ida adviced me on the designs and she said, with tangan yg gedabak besar ni, the deisgns should be big too .... with big flowers, big leaves, big motives etc ... if i choose smaller flowers designs, my hands will look ever bigger .... ngeh !!! turned out she was right ... owh, she used a Pakistani Henna and i must say it smells really nice and cantik too ~ i mean the color .... hiks! 

thanks Kak Ida .... :)

enjoy the henna drawing pixies yah !

yeay ... dah siap .... seksa nk tunggu kering okeyh .... :P

and ...... taddaaaaaaa........

during the solemnization, my henna drawing looked like this ..... owh so preddy ... simple and nice ... just the way i like it ! thanks kak Ida ... :) and look at the color ... pekat kan ?? marvellous !

just call kak ida if u need a henna drawing service from her ... 
she's really good , trust me !
[her phone number is in the henna list on the left of this blog yah...] 

*pix courtesy of AhmadFairus*
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Fati Nagib said...

hi there..congrats sebab dah selamat jadi pengntin baru..i just realized something on ur blog n buat i sgt2 tertatrik..maybe a big kebetulan..

dates to remember..semua dates tu kebetulannye adelah same like mine..engagement,marital course, solemnization,reception in ur side, n lastly my holiday on oct..oh my..n bile i tgk ur face rasenye kite penah met mase marital course. u amik dekat putrajaya ke?p16

SafexSolutions said...

Congrats..Really nice to read your post..Best luck.
Mehandi Design

SaSsYAnGeL said...

Fati: hyeeee ... thanks ... ye ke semua dates sama ?? OMG !! eheheh .. u tiru i eyh ... eheheh .. just kiddin' dear ... :) yerp, i amik kursus kahwin kat P16 with my hubby ... maybe kita pernah jumpa kot ... :) biasa la , bila kat kursus tuh , mana la tengok org sangat .. sibuk tak sabar nk habis kursus jer ... :) Happy marriage life to u sweety .. thanks ~

Thanks ... u too .. wishing u all the luck in d world ~


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