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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.D.I.Y. my own hantaran.

ive always wanted a silver and blue hantaran for our nikah day (from my side) because blue is my Mr Hubby's fav colour ...  simple but classy ... not like what ive done for my hantaran for my engagement ... all stuffy and too flowery .. (mcm hutan pun ada gak) ehehheh ...  ive always think that blue and silver really blend well .. it gives the classy look for the hantaran ... tak over ... 

the hantaran process started with an estimation and budget on how many flowers should i use for all eleven hantaran ... our hantaran was sebelas berbalas sebelas ... why ?? hurmmm ... at first it should be sebelas berbalas sembilan, but his mom tot nine was too sikit .. so, she added up two more extra hantaran ... tapi xpayah naikkan jumlah hantaran myside ... yeay ! ehehheh ... after doing the estimation referring to some hantaran photos i gathered from websites, i continued with ordering the flowers ... i ordered all flower for hantaran and flower bouquet from a chinese lady at Pasar Kajang ... boleh la murah la jugak ... (then ive been told that area petaling street ada jual bunga ag murah, ag besar and ag cantik from china ... kecewa!!!) ... for fresh flowers, u need to order 'em at least two weeks before coz they need to make an order from their supplier (from cameron i think) ... 

ok, come to the day i collected all the flowers from that chinese lady, i was all frustrated ... rasa mcm nak marah je ... why?

1. the blue flowers that ive got was so small and the color is "tompok-tompok" ...before i ordered the flower she said flowers from her are all in big size and the color mesti cantik ... dem !
2. the calla lily ive ordered for my nikah bouquet was thin, tak kembang and sooooooo lembik ! nak marah je rasa ... dh la mahal ! so i just have to cancel using the calla lily for my nikah bouquet ... yes, canceled ! *frust*
3. the baby-breaths was a bit dry but it was still okey .. boleh guna lagi la .... tapi still, kita bayar kan ??? so, bg la yg elok ... kan ? :(

okey, maybe it was my fault that i didnt checked every stalk of flowers she gave me, but, how can i check if banyak and susah nk bukak kat situ ... plus, i was in a hurry summore .... :(

then after a while, i took a deep breath and started to do my own hantaran ... with TEARS .... yes, with TEARS !! nk cari bunga kat tempat lain mana sempat ... sedih kan ?? luckily ive already bought six silver flowers with diamond (from Tenan Shop, Semua House) for my hantaran just to add up the blink-blink .. cover la jugak cacat cela bunga tuh ... fuhhhhh ~ it took me few hours to complete my gubahan hantaran ... yeah, imagine i was doing it with tears & definitely pintu bilik harus ditutup kemas (elak org bukak pintu nampak pengantin duk nangis.. hiks !) ... sadis kan ?? [pengantin berair mata yo !] ...

Alhamdulillah [even not with 100% full satisfaction], ive done menggubah my own hantaran... and luckily mum said it was quite okeyh despite the bunga yg cinonet and tompok2x tuh ... :( 

my hantaran :

- Silver Suasa & Diamonds Habib Jewels ring
- Bonia white shoe + Levis sunglasses
- Dior parfume set with wallet
- Bonia wallet + card holder + belt set
- Fidani choc + Geisha Choc + Sirih
- Bunga Pahar
- Loreal skin care set
- Timberland shirt + bag 
- Al-Quran + praying mat
- Fruity tart basket [sponsored by my aunty Ma]
- Blue two-tier cake from ATasteBoutique

so, after all the sadness and hard work, my hantaran looked like this ......

not so bad eyh ?? boleh la .... :(

at least ive done what i did best ....
thanks Allah for such strength and ideas uve given me ...

....Alhamdulillah ....

p/s: paling sedih tengok daun sirih .... 
kering kontang, kecut mecut ... *sigh*
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hana yoriee said...

hai dear..the hantarans look gud to me..hehe..can u share with me the price of all the flowers u bought at pasar kajang? coz i tot of juz buying the flowers at the nearest shop.yea..saya tinggal di kajang shj.
email: blissnlunacylovers@gmail.com
tq.. =)

Cik Belle said...

dear, the flower arrangement atas dulang tuh semua cantik2 ok. hehe.. psst, tak nak jual kat i ke bunga silver tuh? =P

SaSsYAnGeL said...

hana yoriee: hye darlink ... thanks for the compliments eventho i dun think i deserve it ... hiks ! about the price flowers that i bought tuh, ill email u the detail okeyh ... insyaAllah mlm ni i email .. tungguuuuu ~ :)

Cik Belle: thanks dear ... again, terasa mcm tak layak utk dipuji sebab me myself tak berapa suka my hantaran ... *sobs! nk beli ke bunga bunga silver tuh ?? i ada 6 set ... nak ?? gimmme ur email if ure really interested okeyh ... (",)


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