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Friday, June 25, 2010

.The marriage contract in Islam is not a sacrament. It is revocable.

the decorations for nikah day at my house was just a simple one ... didnt wanna spent extra just for the nikah day as the day after at the hall, it was oredy grand ... so, for nikah dias, i opt a simple but sweet pelamin .. errrr... not to say its a pelamin lah actually ... it was just a corner for a family photos ... :) the stairs were decorated by yours truly (sampai skang tak cabut ag kain & bunga tuh .. hiks !) errrmmm ... almost everything were decorated by me myself lah senang cerita ... :P it was kindda self satisfaction actually and to ease the pressure ive had during the preparations ... no kidding ! it helps ~ the 10 meter off-white plain kain were bought four years ago for my sis's wedding and the flowers were bought from KK Decor ... really really cheap i tell you ! *happy* 

about the dias, remember how i wanted my nikah dias as simple as THIS ?? yerp, a traditional wooden pelamin ... tot of renting a stage for the pelamin but when to think of it, pelamin nikah ni pakai sekejap je ... why must i spend another rm500 just for that kan ?? the backdrop of wooden Ayatul Kursi were my MIL's. she let me borrowed the backdrop and now, the backdrop is mine for keep ... hiks !! yerp, she gave it to me je ... the flowers ontop were bought at one kedai bunga murah and lucky me the pelamin looks sweeter with the flower ... :) as for the twin silver thingey on the left and right of the pelamin, i rent it from Aziriah ... Thanks Azi ... cantik sangat ! menaikkan seri pelamin ... nice ~ so yeah, eventho it was just a simple pelamin for my nikah, i love it ! enjoi the pixies ~
*with my beloved family (in red) & family-in-law*
*unedited pixies credit to AhmadFairus*
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nab said...

elo. just to be sure. are u fadzrina afizi from uitm jo? coz if u are, cant find u on facebook


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