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Thursday, December 30, 2010

.where's the bride? on her soft fluffy cushion.

my very own solemnization pillow during my nikah day 7 months back ... it was totally my design and they turned out perfectly just as ive always wanted ... all the rental ones was way not up to my standard ... they were all lembik, nipis, tak cantik, kecik and sangat old fashion ... even the ones sells in Masjid India & jln TAR oso the same ... so ive decided to custom made my own nikah cushion ... a shop doing mum's sofas were responsible to get it done for me and for the finishing, ive done it myself ... (^_^)

suka sangat !

this is for my cushion ... a 40x30 with two long pillow both sides ... 

 and this is for his cushion, a 30x30 cushion .... just nice for him to be seated comfortably while waiting to be wed ... :)

 and with that, these pair of nikah cushion is officially up for rental . please do email me (sassyshieda@gmail.com) and drop me a msg for info or any queries.


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