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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


this "planning" table were sent to me by email from a friend yesterday. its a schedule to predict your baby's gender, using your age and in what month your baby concieved (terkosepsi). i dunno how the calculation were done but hey, seems like most of the predictions works ! plus, ive checked with pregnant friends and they were according to this thang ! cool innit ??!!

so for newly weds whom wish to have baby(ies) (including me!) and have their own preferrence to have boy or girl as your first child, cuba try tengok this schedule ... mana tahu kan ~ happy menilik !!!

   p/s: jangan la percaya bulat-bulat pulak ... nnt jd syirik ! just to predict and to have fun je ... okeyh ? *smile*

pp/s: and for those who cant read in Malay/Indon, u might need a translator to understand the table (^_^)
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