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Monday, February 7, 2011

.weeding corsages.

wedding corsage is kindda famous in an "I DO" weddings and i dun think its a trend in most of our Malaysian weddings. i like/LOVE wedding corsages. its so pweddy ! its just that i dun have much moolahs to spend on 'em during my wedding .... *sheessshh!*

corsages can be wrap around on your wrist or pin on your left chest. it can be made out of fresh flowers or fake flowers. both are acceptable, according to your budget for sure. since i heart orchids so much, here're examples of orchid's corsages that might give u an idea for your wedding :)

 sweet arent they ??

 this mother-daughter orchid's corsages are really cute !

 add some butterfly into it ?

there're few non-orchid's corsages that arent tad less-pweddy too ...

 white flowers corsage is so nice kan ? with pearly beads summore ~ (^_^)
 simple and sweet ~
 how about DIY your own corsage ?? this one is lovely indeed ~

how about this colourful corsage ?? really striking and nice !

menyesal lak tak buat corsages during my wedding ....
it would be really nice if all my bridesmaid pakai corsage on their wrist kan ??
owh, too late now ~
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ElyaElmo said...

tgh tggu idea nak buat corsage untuk family dan kawan2 jugak ni...hhu

anaztasias nora aira said...

DIY corsage skrg mmg dah jadi trend :)

SaSsYAnGeL said...

ElyaELmo: yeayyy ... did my post gave u an idea for your corsages ?? hey, DIY sgt seronok ! what theme color ? good luck ~ :)

Anaztasias: really ? i tot not many Malaysian people appreciates corsages more than the western weddings ... biasanya weddings kat dewan kot yg buat corsages ...

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