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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

.The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.

last month we (me & hubs) were in Brisbane attending friend's (whom was my Maid of Honor last year) wedding ... (yeah, she came all the way from Brisbane for my wedding and now its my turn to do her favor ...heeee !) it was a very simple yet beautiful wedding and i must say i was amazed at how much effort the bride had put for her dream wedding .. everything was planned and organized by the bride ... cool huh ! and she is soo creative when it comes to decorating things ...

and for her wedding's first blog post, i chose to share with you guys the favors we got for her reception .... it was SELF DECORATED and so cute ! each of the guests got a plastic wine-glass stuffed with chocolates and a glass bottle of bath sea salt with their name on it ! kewl aint it ?? the bride decorated the plastic wine glass with a dolly paper, laces + flower (for ladies) and shirt-cutted paper + black ribbon (for men) ... comel kan ??  and for the bath sea-salt, she just make it simple with dried flowers tie around the bottle neck ... (^_^) 
 so yeah laydies, this is a very good & sweet example of a DIY wedding favors for your wedding .... what say you ??   

Owh, will update a lot more about her wedding in a bit .... (",)

Adios !
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