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Friday, April 22, 2011

.peachy peachy.

am so happy to know that my sister in law is getting engaged another three weeks and ill be the person who'll be responsible for her engagement dias, make-up and her engagement attire ... so excited !!!! and the theme color we picked was peach color .. sweet right ?? (",) so yeah, the hastle begins when i was searching for a pelamin-deco for the E-day that will be held in BESUT !!! yeah, in BESUT !! i was like, "mana nk cari boutique yg buat pelamin yg modern and tak kampung in BESUT !!?? *pitam* :P at first, i tot of hiring my cousin's wife's brother as he owned a bridal boutique ... but nope since he charged us transportation fees quit expensive ....

so i started to search on the web and i found MyBride boutique in Kota Bharu !!! yeayyyyy !!! and i must say their dias arent tad bad ... i love the one above and yeah, i chose to have that similar dias for my sister-in-law's engagement ... sweet kan ?? but without the box arch as it is too big for an engagement ... MIL wants it to be simple and sweet ... so yes it is ! love it ! it matches her modern baju kurung pretty well ! owh, we sent her laces to Salikin Sidek ... where else !! :)

make-up will be done by yours truly with the help of few cousins .... hiks !!! *jangan jd tepung gomak sudah !* :P
*this one is sweet too , dontcha think??*

*haih .... rasa mcm nak kahwin lagi skali lak !!*
*super excited!*

note: pics credit to MyBride & RedGincu ... (^_^)
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Cik Puan Syafa said...

peach kaler sgt sweet kan hehe ^__^

SaSsYAnGeL said...

yerp ... so sweet ... :) especially for engagement ....


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