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Monday, June 6, 2011

The art of life is to live in the present moment, and to make that moment as perfect as we can.

here are some photos of hantaran taken during my sis-in-law's engagement day last month .... my mom-in-law got 'em arranged by her friends in Bangi, which are simple and sweet, with light-chocolate/peach crystal flowers on top ... love 'em ! owh the crystal flowers and the basket my MIL "tempah" somewhere in Semua House ... and the knitted kain pelapik hantaran were bought in Vietnam during her holiday visit there ...  enjoy !
- Kain baju Melayu with baju melayu buttons
 - Sejadah (i love this sejadah !!! ive chose this one and we bought it at Harrisons)
 - chocolates !!! am the person responsible for this hantaran ... ribbon were decorated by yours truly ... owh, those were Beryls chocolates bought at their kilang in Serdang ... i like !
 - icing sweet cookies made by my husband's aunt ... H & H !
 - i cant believe i did this Sireh & fruits hantaran ! wahhhhh ~ and i love it !
 - Clinique happy parfume set
 - Samping nikah for the soon-to-be groom with Songkok's brooch ...
 - Renoma shirt ...
 - one more hantaran was the Secret Recipe Butterscotch cake, which i decorated it with small fondant flowers and put it in a clear box ...
 so yeah, thats the nine hantaran for the guy's side ... :)
simple and sweet ~

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