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Saturday, January 14, 2012

.Nu Yah?!.

woopsiiee ! i know its late (14 days late?) to wish you gurls a Happy New Year now .. been busy with new job, new tasks , new department etc ... and plus, been busy with sis-in-law's wedding prep this coming March ! Oh-em-gee ... feels like am getting marry all over again ... arranging someone else's wedding is not easy ... sometimes we just have to admit that our ideas isnt as good as they thought as theirs ... so yeah , busy busy busy busy me !

aaaaaanyways, will be updating more after this tho ... (maybe)

new year's resolutions ? hurrrmmmm ... lil' one(s) perhaps ?

InsyaAllah ... Amin ...

well ladies, wishing you a very Happy New Year ...
May 2012 brings us prosper & good fortune ...

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